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Creating a new ethical standard for Web3

The Blockchain that is Pioneering Ethical Standards, Values, and Transparency in cross chain Blockchain Technology to drive innovation

About Neutaro

Accelerating the world’s transition into web3

Neutaro is building a comprehensive ecosystem of standards specifically tailored for blockchain technology. Through collaboration, research, and industry expertise, we are developing a holistic framework that encompasses technical, governance, and ethical aspects of blockchain implementation.

Transparency is the foundation of trust in the blockchain world, and we are committed to upholding that principle. Throughout our ecosystem, we emphasize transparency in the development, implementation, and governance of blockchain standards. We believe in open collaboration, where the collective wisdom of industry experts and stakeholders contributes to the continuous improvement of our framework.

Join us on this transformative journey as we pioneer ethical standards, values, and transparency in blockchain technology. Together, we will shape a future where blockchain is synonymous with trust, integrity, and responsible innovation.

Ethical Standards Framework

A comprehensive framework that sets the stage for responsible, ethical, and transparent blockchain development enabling participants to thrive within a trusted and transparent environment.


Become a Neutaro blockchain validator, shaping the future of decentralized technology. Secure transactions, foster innovation, and empower a global community. Your impact awaits! Join us now!


Neutaro has an on-chain governance mechanism for signaling, changing consensus parameters, and spending funds from the community pool. Be part of how Neutaro will be governed and create a new ethical standard for Web3.

Validators from over the world

Driving towards a better Web3

Neutaro's ethical framework

Safeguarding the future of web3

Regulatory Compliance

Promoting adherence to legal and regulatory requirements

Cyber Security

Mitigate risks and prevent attacks

Blockchain Monitoring

Monitoring and addressing bad actors

Auditing Toolset

Qualified and responsible leadership

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Join our thriving community, where innovation and collaboration reign supreme. Embrace decentralized technology and be at the forefront of shaping the future.

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Pioneering Ethical Standards, Values, and Transparency in cross chain Blockchain Technology to drive innovation


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