Timpi AI Consortium

Ethical, Transparent, Innovation

Timpi is taking a pioneering step in the realm of AI development by initiating the formation of a consortium. At the heart of this consortium lies a crucial focus on how data is utilized to train AI models. Recognizing the immense significance of data in shaping the future of artificial intelligence, Timpi aims to bring together a select group of esteemed thought leaders, experts, and industry professionals who share a common passion for advancing AI in an ethical and data-driven manner. This collaborative effort seeks to explore novel approaches to data acquisition, curation, and utilization, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between data and AI models. Through the collective expertise of this consortium, Timpi aims to push the boundaries of AI development, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations that positively impact society and shape the future of AI technology.


Timpi is an innovative technology company that leverages decentralized infrastructure for data aggregation, aiming to disrupt Big Tech’s supremacy over access to information on the web and data supremacy in a data driven marketplace. Having successfully launched the timpi network’s in Dec 2022, it has already successfully demonstrated its decentralized data aggregation capabilities by successfully establishing a vast web index that is on track to be of comparable size to Bings’ by early 2024, with plans to launch a privacy-focused search engine and independently trained generative AI model Wilson in late 2023 .

Furthermore, Timpi aims to democratize access to its extensive data resources for AI innovation companies that currently reside outside Big Tech’s influence, and as such, out of reach of the data resources which they closely withhold to the broader marketplace in order to perpetuate and further increase their ever expanding monopolies, power, and influence at the expense of free market innovation.

By innovatively utilising the capabilities of its layer 1a blockchain, Timpi is also fostering integration between web 3.0 and traditional commerce industries, thus serving as an incubator for future developments and partnerships in an endless array of applications and commercial opportunities.

In alignment with the visions of the open web, Timpi places high importance on the rights to personal agency over one’s data, ownership of information, privacy security (CIA triad) and advocacy of the development of ethical AI, advocating for transparent and democratic agency over the usage of data.

Timpi’s mission for this phase of development centers around the creation of a commercial DaaS and decentralized data center, harnessing the potential of its vast data resources to drive revenue generation while fulfilling its commitment to empowering all people who seek to claim agency over the future of AI through democratized governance.

Governance Proposal

Build a group of AI thought leaders to shape the way is used in AI developement

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